SHARP Organization

SHARP Mission Statement

The mission of the Sussex Homeowners Advocacy Resource Partnership (SHARP) is to serve the needs of regional HOAs by advancing the immediate and long-term priorities of its membership through the sharing of information and fostering of stronger private and public sector relationships.


To achieve this, the partnership is driven by our commitment to the following objectives:

  • Encouraging the active participation of its membership (Network Recruitment).
  • Working to enhance the safety and security of homeowners in concert with Sussex County laws and Comprehensive Development Plan (Gov’t Relations). 
  • Building relationships among its member organizations that capitalize on exemplary practices and the sharing of information (Best Practices).
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate and effective forums to actively listen to the concerns of its membership (Communications).
  • Seeking continuous improvements in effective and efficient management of the partnership (Best Practices).
  • Cultivating and fostering private sector relationships to advance the partnership’s immediate and long-term priorities (Best Practices).
  • Developing strong linkages with local government and other non-profit entities aimed at strengthening the organization’s ties to the community (Gov’t Relations).
  • Cultivating partnerships with outside groups aimed at making the region a State-wide model for sustainable growth and natural resource protection (Sustainability).

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